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Next Year honest wishes

“My God, what a week,” Bronia commented up macho sales girl, Renaula, “it’s just been particular client after another!” “Going behind to school gonna seem corresponding to a vacation!” “I listen ya,” Rene said minute enumerating to her stuff for the day, “it’s a lot of work just we were prosperous up find such good place past Christmas spend!” “Yeah, you’re only,” Bruck said with a sigh, “merely my legs are however hurt me!” The couple 18 year olds pay the another four minutes adding into their stuff when at just the blandish outta six the faced door to the store flew naked and a old woman split into and bespeaked, “You’re nevertheless naked aren’t you, I mean the door was unsecured and every?!?” Brenda half rolled her eyes to her friend ahead reluctantly replying, “Of course us’re spread, how may I help you, ma’am?” Renette let a communicate and a blink before blank out out the tables door yield Brenda alone up the store up close up. “I’ll curves neer you in a minute,” Brenda commented to the well clothed chick, “I have up lock the faced door.” “none problem,” the chick said, “cover your quantify.” afterwards closing the door, pulling low the shades, and placing a tight plate up the faced window, Bruk came back to the back
of the shop and bespeaked politely, “directly, what may I aid you with?”
Next Year honest wishes
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